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Blue Pine Property Managers in Helena, Montana


Blue Pine Property Managers in Helena, Montana

We are a family owned and operated property management company based in Helena, Montana. Blue Pine was created in 2017 after having first hand experience with the aches and pains, as well as the profitable investment, of family owned real estate and rentals. It became clear that these investments needed quality and professional PM services, and thus Blue Pine was established.

The properties we manage are treated like family properties, with care and intentionality.

To find more information about hiring Blue Pine Property Management for your real estate needs contact us today!

Beau Stumberg Blue Pine Property Manager

Beau Stumberg

Owner/Property Manager

Beau Stumberg has been a licensed property manager since 2017 and jumped into the management game to help run the family real estate business. In turn, he found that managing properties is an art unto itself. Being a Helena native, Beau understands the needs of Helena investors and the reason so many people want to live and play in the great state of Montana. With a unique perspective, he keeps one foot in the investor shoe and the other in the practical shoe of the property manager. He has a deep desire to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate while caring for his renters. He enjoys hiking and running with his dog Dox, reading, cooking and spending time with his family.

Madison Stumberg

Office Administrator/Short Term Rental Magician

Madison Stumberg left the world of social work in 2018 to join Beau in operating Blue Pine. After managing her own furnished rental, she expanded Blue Pine to offer this professional service to the  community at large. With an eye for design, Madison has turned a number of “odd spaces” into money making short term rentals. As the Office Administrator, Madison also oversees monthly reporting, database entry and all things administrative. She enjoys designing beautiful spaces, being a wife and mom, traveling to new places, and eating delicious food with friends and family.

Madison Stumberg Blue Pine Property Manager
Josh Stumberg Blue Pine Property Manager

Josh Stumberg

Maintenance Manager

Josh Stumberg joined the BP team full time in 2021 as our maintenance manager and technician. Between growing up around rentals and his love for antique spaces, Josh has a special sense for how to keep something going even when others would give up on it. Josh will not only help diagnose problems, but can often tackle the countless odds and ends the crop up during the rental process. If he can’t handle it himself he will get the right vendor in there to solve the issue.  Josh is leading the charge of bringing electronic music to Helena (check out Snowschool on Spotify) and runs Hoot Owl Vintage with Kallie when they are not working on properties. He enjoys making music, hanging with his dog Pip and exploring the mountains around Helena.

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