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Blue Pine Commercial Property Management


Blue Pine Commercial Property Management
Blue Pine Commercial Properties in downtown helena
Ballroom in Blue Pine Commercial Property

Commercial Properties

As property managers and experts in our industry we work hard to provide exceptional and diverse services to our clients which include commercial property management. From multifamily to office, industrial or retail we seek sustainable and creative solutions for our clients through strategic relationships with industry professionals and, as always, by providing excellent services to both property owners and tenants alike. 


In an effort to implement “start to finish'' services we have strategically partnered with Coldwell Banker Commercial (Green and Green) in Helena, where Beau also holds his real estate licence and focuses on commercial sales and leasing.  Once a property is leased, we at Blue Pine take over and make sure commercial properties are being properly cared for by scheduling and coordinating property maintenance, taking in rents and handling tenant needs and communication and whatever else might come up during the life of the lease. 


Being an investment minded management firm, we are looking to build relationships with investors in the local area. 


Because each commercial property is different and has unique needs, we will craft a proposal specific to your property, meaning the fee structure may vary from building to building.

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Blue Pine Property commercial Client maintenance contract

Maintenance Contracts

Some of our commercial clients are not in need of full service commercial property management which is why we developed a product where we oversee and coordinate maintenance on commercial properties. Whether it's condo associations, owner occupied office buildings, retail space or industrial we can help offset the burden that comes with owning commercial property by providing on-call and afterhours services, handyman services, vendor coordinating, maintenance audits and so on. 


This product can be especially useful in owner occupied situations where the owner is being repetitively bogged down with maintenance issues while trying to maintain a daily work routine on site. Let us be the buffer between you and the building needs that creep up on every property regardless of age. 


As with our other commercial contracts, each contract is unique to ensure we are handling your specific needs. Contact us today to set up a free property evaluation and consult!

Blue Pine Property Commercial Property
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